Protiomega Granules (Mango/ Vanilla/ Chocolate)

ProtiOmega is a nutritional dietary supplement with multiple health benefits. It's a source of protein, high dietary fiber & Omega, and is recommended to lower down your Cholesterol levels. It contains no artificially added sugars and hence can be enjoyed


ProtiOmega is an omega-3 & fiber enriched protein supplement and it has been proved quite effective, reducing excess weight (weight related issues). Its major constituents are whey protein (from grass fed cow’s milk) and salvia hispanica (protein-rich milled whole-grain). It boosts the immune system and amino acid content in the body and reduces triglycerides levels. It contains fiber and protein. Besides, it also contains Omega3 and Omega6. Chia (one of the main constituents) is known to reduce high cholesterol level and improve metabolism and digestive health.

It’s 100% natural & made from vegetarian source. ProtiOmega comes in the natural vanilla/Mango/Chocolate flavor that makes it an ideal supplement for catering to the multiple nutritional requirements.

  • Whey protein concentrates from cow’s milk- Dadhimastu [Godadhi (API)]
  • Salvia (chia)-Samundarsok
  • Rosemary (Rosemary Officinalis)
  • Stevia rebaudiana (Meethi Patti)
  • Vanilla/Mango/Chocolate 
  • Nisin

1-2 sachet/day


  • Cut 1 sachet, empty the entire sachet into the blender and add 100-150 ml of water along with your favorite fruit. Blend it for 20-30 seconds and now your smoothie is ready to drink.
  • Take 2-3 sachets of ProtiOmega per day or as advised by healthcare practitioner.
  • Quantity in pack = 1 pack contains 10 sachet
  • Available flavors = Vanilla, Mango & Chocolate

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