Chia Gold (Oil)

Chia Gold is rich in omega fatty acids and is recommended for maintaining an overall good health. Chia oil happens to be an ideal health booster due to its amazing dietary benefits.

Today, many diseases are prevalent in the society which is promoting people to be more conscious about their health. It is recommended to take ω-6 to ω-3 ratio of fatty acids low to avoid cardiovascular diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, hepatic, inflammatory diseases. So people want to find a food or supplement that has low ω-6 to ω-3 ratio of fatty acids.

Chia seeds are the best food supplement that has low ω-6 to ω-3 fatty acid ratio. For chia oil, this ratio is < 1, which is very low. It can be used to spread over the chaptis, excellent health- boosting addition to all types of smoothies and ideal ingredient for healthy salad dressings. Ideal for hypercholesterolemia patients.

Salvia hispanica seed oil

2-3 tsp/day add to smoothies, salad or spread over chapattis in place of desi ghee (clarified butter)

Quantity in pack = 1 bottle contains 100 ml (61.3% Omega3, 18.3% Omega6, 6.1% Omega9)

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