What are “Normal Blood Sugar Levels?”

We often discount the importance of Detecting and Curing diabetes at an early stage, which is why Managing your Diabetes is of utmost Importance because the impact it has on our overall Health is huge. Even though everyone today is thriving for a constant "Normal Blood Sugar Level", but unable to maintain it, the reason behind is that we do not understand the Core Problem and the Reason behind their "High Blood Sugar Levels" and are constantly only trying to bring them down through mere pills without understanding the Damage it is causing to your Body. But before we discuss that, we shall look into what is the "normal" blood sugar level for an average person without any type of diabetes: Normal Blood Sugar Level range between 70 to 140 mg/dL depending on the last meal. A Fasting Blood sugar level within 100 is considered "Normal", a Fasting 100-125 is considered "Pre-Diabetic", and a Fasting Blood Sugar Level over 125 is considered "Diabetic". A PP (Postprandial) Blood Sugar Level under 140, is considered "Normal", A PP Blood Sugar Level 140-199 is considered "Pre-Diabetic" and a PP Blood Sugar Level over 199 is considered "Diabetic". If you are in the "Pre-Diabetic" range, curing the condition is easier, therefore it is always better to start early.