Veg Diabetplus (120 Capsules)

A nutritional supplement designed using over 20 herbs that can be used by any diabetic or hyperinsulinemia patient. It works by reducing the glucose absorption in the intestines by sensitizing insulin.

A blend of over 20 extracts and oils, Diabetplus helps not only to bring down blood sugar levels but also to sensitize insulin hormone which helps as a more permanent solution for diabetes.

Along with glycemic control, Diabetplus’ properties is also to fight free radicals in the body helps protect organs and glands through a special mix of antioxidants leaving your body healthier.


A blend of Gymnema, Karela, Vijaysar, Methi, Garcinia, and various other extracts, work together to fight diabetes as well as working on the reduction of weight, increase in metabolism and removal of free radicals that not only leave you diabetes free but healthier in a more fuller sense. Taken along with //Diabetall//(hyperlink) (in Tablet/Powder form), these two proprietary medicines work symbiotically to reverse diabetes.

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